Kootenay Labs – RSO Pheonix Tears

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This product from spliff known by many names extracted cannabis oil is a rainbow of opportunity for the price conscious consumer. RSO Phoenix Tears from spliff are good for users who deal with insomnia and chronic pain.Other products like shatter, edibles and prerolled spliff are available. Prerolled spliff comes in indica and sativa.

Kootenay Labs – RSO Pheonix Tears

First named by a Rick Simpson, a Canadian cannabis activist, Pheonix Tears is a cannabis oil extract that has been for long marketed as having curative power over cancer. In honor of Simpson, the product, despite the manufacturer has the prefix of Rick Simpson Oil as an abbreviation (RSO). Unfortunately, whereas the advantages of cannabis and its impacts on cancer have been researched upon in mice, there is no empirical evidence to prove Rick Simpson’s claim. Kootenay Labs – RSO Pheonix Tears can be consumed in varied ways, but the principle method of use is putting a tiny amount of it below the tongue. It is quickly absorbed through the blood vessels with thin walls in this area, giving the user, an immediate effect. Kootenay Labs – RSO Pheonix Tears can also be applied in the treatment of joint pain and inflammations. It is not recommended that you take high doses on the first use. One should start low and in intervals of 2 hours, add more of the product as you work your way up to a dose that makes you get the feel you are looking for in one application.

‘Tincture’ is the medicinal term for most herbal extracts that have used alcohol in their extraction method, but Kootenay Labs – RSO Pheonix Tears is technically not a tincture since the alcohol content in it is boiled off, which leaves it with concentrated cannabinoids behind. This also underpins the fact that a first-time user should not overdose or the high levels of cannabinoids in it may cause adverse effects on the body and in worse cases death. Most consumers squeeze the small drops of Phoenix Tears onto another tangy or sweet product like lime with a strong flavor to mask the grassy taste of the oil. One drop of this product contains10mg of THC, which makes it among the most affordable edibles for people who have high THC tolerance.


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